Australian style!

En effectuant quelques recherches sur certains torréfacteurs en Australie (!), je suis tombé sur ces vidéos.  Le maître-torréfacteur Wayne Archer partage ma philosophie quant au développement du café:

Living Coffee with Wayne Archer

The Master Roaster

Wayne’s World

3 Blends

Coffee 102 with Wayne Archer

« We need to have enough flavor developed but we don’t need to carry that flavor too far.  You need good cut-through in the milk and the blends are all developed around that potential of coffee flavor in the finish. » -Wayne Archer

« We profile coffee by judging the level of acidity, body, aroma, bitterness, rawness, greenness.  A coffee when it’s first harvested tends to have more fresh taste, more acidic taste.  Once coffee reaches a certain point, then it is quite stable.  Throughout the year, we’re looking for the constantly fresh tasting coffee, but not too fresh where we have too much acidity or fruitiness but much more stable settled coffee. » -Wayne Archer



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